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1. We are not a nursery. Best Fronds is a project by two plant collectors to bring other collectors and members of the public plants which are difficult to find.
2. Because of the nature of our business, our plants are sourced from collectors and private, remote nurseries. While we do endeavour to source plants of the highest quality, the nature of our “suppliers” and the scarcity of these plants means the plants are not grown in sterile, mass-production conditions. This means your plant might have slight discolouration, tears and some friendly holes made by insects.
3. We, as well as our “suppliers” work hard to prevent pests, but sometimes pests are inevitable. Every plant is checked by hand when received and before they leave, meaning we ensure there are no pests visibly present. However, as when a human with a weak immune system is vulnerable to disease, a plant that has travelled is more likely to fall victim to pests. We recommend you check your plant regularly and take the necessary quarantine measures. We will not be held accountable for pests.
4. We will give you the best instructions we can to help you care for your plant, however we can not account for your home’s environment. We thus suggest you research all the plants you purchase in preparation for welcoming them into your family.
5. Plants were not made to be shipped. Here at Best Fronds we take every precaution we can to secure your plant for shipping, but the reality is that your plant will be stressed from travelling hundreds of kilometres. It may take your plant some time to acclimatise to its new environment and to recover from its travels.
6. We will not be held liable for damage or loss of your parcel. While we use a reliable and well-established company for courier, we cannot control how your parcel is handled and although we pack sturdily, we have no idea how your plant will arrive.
7. Plants are toxic. Some plants, like Euphorbia, are highly toxic to HUMANS AND ANIMALS and can result in injury or death. We accept no liability for any loss or damage due to injury, consumption or exposure.
8. Copyright. We, as Best Fronds, hold full copyright of all media and content on our Facebook page and website. While we are happy for you to post our pictures with credit to us, any use of our media or content for marketing, communication or corporate purposes will not be tolerated and be subject to legal action.