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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where does your name come from:

Bianca and Nikky are best friends who love plants, and hence Best Fronds.

2. Do you have a nursery:

Not at the moment, but we never know what the future holds! 😉

3. Can I visit?

As we don’t have a public location, visitation is at each individiual’s own discretion.

4. Where do your plants come from?

In an effort to help as many South Africans as we can, we buy locally from private sellers and remote nurseries.

5. Can you tell me where you get your plants?

Now that isn’t good business strategy, is it?

6. X, Y and Z has the same plants for more/less money, why?

We honestly try to be competitive and will always try to have the best prices we can. But it’s a free market, so you’re welcome to support all the plant shops!

7. How do you package your plants?

One to three plants are packaged using a cardboard cone over the pot to minimise leaf damage. The soil is covered with newspaper and tape to avoid spillage and this entire shebang is sturdily packaged in a box.

8. Why do you only ship on Tuesdays?

Believe it or not, we actually have dayjobs! While we hope to be able to work on BestFronds on a full-time basis, we have to work around our other schedules to ship out plants.
(But if there’s a public holiday, we’ll make a plan!)

9. Why don’t you always stock the same plants?

Because of the nature of our “suppliers” we can’t always source enough stock of a plant to keep it in supply.

10. I’m looking for a plant, can you find it?

Send us an email, and of course we’ll try to find it!